Minnesota Wing CAP

Local Civil Air Patrol Squadron Holds Campout

Cadet Staff Sergeant Matthew Johnson
Cadet Public Affairs Officer
Viking Composite Squadron
Minnesota Wing- Civil Air Patrol

(Cadets Gather for Physical Training - Photo by C/2d Lt Elias Wiff)

Over a recent fall weekend, Viking Squadron held a campout for their cadet members at Carver Park Reserve in Victoria.  Approximately 15 people and a dog arrived Friday afternoon and returned home on Sunday at noon.  The weekend provided an opportunity for cadets to socialize and have fun in an informal environment, in addition to lending multiple opportunities for practicing valuable search and rescue skills.

The cadets developed their ground team skills greatly throughout the weekend through multiple activities.  The cadet leader at the campout organized a compass course in which participants were required to navigate from point to point using only a compass.  The cadets measured the distance between waypoints by walking between the two points and then multiplying the length of their stride by the number of strides.  A scavenger hunt tested cadets’ skills in finding objects ranging from a bird’s nest to a dog’s choke collar.  Lastly, a simulated missing person search capped off the search and rescue activities.  All of the skills learned in these activities are an important part of various ground search and rescue missions in the Civil Air Patrol.

Other fun activities throughout the weekend included an afternoon of Capture the Flag, numerous games of tackle football, and an evening of Evade and Maneuver: a game made up over the weekend.  One group had to go from one part of the park to another while avoiding detection by multiple teams trying to catch them.  Over all, the activities left everyone with tired bodies and fun memories.

The campout provided an opportunity for cadets, who are used to relating to each other in a highly professional and formal manner, to have fun together in a relaxed and informal environment.  The cadets enjoyed associating freely with other cadets in the squadron regardless of grade or position.  The campout was greatly enjoyed by all participants, who extended thanks to the Wiff family for putting on the event.  The cadets are looking forward with anticipation to next year’s camping trip. 

Civil Air Patrol, (CAP), is the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  It provides search and rescue support throughout the country, in addition to providing aerospace education to members and the general public, and providing leadership training  and life skills to youth members.  For further information, contact Viking Squadron’s Recruiting Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Barney Uhlig at 952-937-2924, or visit the national Civil Air Patrol website at www.gocivilairpatrol.com and Viking Squadron's website at www.mncap.org/viking.




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