MN Wing Calendar

Activity Name: YMCA Lost In Space Field Trip
Dates: 13-Jun-2024 to 13-Jun-2024
Sponsoring Unit: MN116 ST CLOUD COMP SQDN
Location: St. Cloud Regional Airport
Activity Type: Aerospace Education Event
Website: None

Project Officer: Leah Staup
Phone Number: 517-438-1219

External Aerospace Education Event YMCA Field Trip for their Lost in Space week. Will have a CAP 172 plane and pilot, study Bernoulli's principle, military role in air and space, drill and flag folding, what Civil Air Patrol does. We will work on getting a 182, the fire department, and a static display of a Chinook and Blackhawk and the POW hot air balloon. Approval has already been received from the airport and safety plan will be reviewed with the airport prior to the event. This event will run from 12:00 to 3:00 on Thursday, June 29th. There will be airport badged SMs and Cadets as well as YMCA Camp Staff for supervision of 60 kids from 9-13 years old.